We recommend that you follow these few simple steps to care for your new hat or headpiece.
  • You should always keep your hat or headpiece in a box, out of sunlight and in a dry storage area.
  • If you have purchased a hat with crown base, please keep it in its box and stuff base with tissue paper to keep the hats shape.
  • Warning! Most importantly, do not let your hat get wet. It will lose its shape.
  • To clean a cloche hat, use a clothes brush in circular motion or in line with the hat’s shape.
  • Lightly brush-off any dirt with a soft clothes brush. If that doesn’t remove the dirt, try very gently patting it with a damp cloth. We don’t recommend using any detergents, cleaning products or any vigorous rubbing as these can make the problem worse.
  • Remove lint and dust from felt hats by using sticky lint rollers
  • Always handle with clean hands to avoid transferring natural oils and dirt from your skin onto your headwear.
  • Please treat feathers with extra care as they are delicate and very easily damaged.
  • Wear with Confidence & most importantly a smile!